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If you are patient, however, when things get in order, you will have yourself a strong and solid mate. While women born under this sign are fiscally responsible, they still love the finer things in life. But because they are practical, they will more likely look for expensive things at bargain prices. A Capricorn woman is not above thumbing her nose at stores who sell inferior products, but will happily shop at garage sales and thrift stores for name-brand products and things of high quality. With all her attributes, the lady Capricorn can have a hard time maintaining love—her temper and sharp words can be difficult to deal with at times.

Submissiveness is not a strong trait in a Capricorn woman. However, if she has a mate who is a solid provider with a strong personality, she is more likely to be passive in her demeanor within the relationship. Capricorns do not like to play games. They hate mind games and avoid people who use such strategies to manipulate and control others.

Capricorns also lose interest fast and won't waste time chasing someone who is always running. Capricorns like people who are confident in their own skin and have their own passions, dreams, and goals. Capricorn women crave security, and they tend to be drawn to men who are intellectual. This can sometimes be a pitfall for the lady who is known for being one of the most cautious and suspicious women of the zodiac.

Under her seemingly steely heart flows a well-spring of passion, and she can be fooled by sweet words and blinded by outer appearances. Once the glow of love wears off, however, this shrewd woman looks to see if words align with action. If not, her beloved may find himself dealing with a mean spirit. A Capricorn woman needs to feel secure, and she is unable to have peace if her finances are not in order. And if she has no peace, neither will her partner. When it comes to love, some lady Capricorns do not set as high a standard for their partners as they do for themselves.

In this case, love usually backfires for the person a Capricorn foolishly chose with her heart—she will inevitably discover how much they are lacking. Most Capricorn women make good wives and even better mothers. They are nurturers and love a beautiful home. Although most Capricorn women are very ambitious, they can apply that ambition to being the go-getter in the family, or they will be stellar teammates who support their partner from behind the scenes.

Astrology Capricorn Personality Traits

For the lady Capricorn, it doesn't matter who is driving, as long as the overall goal is accomplished. One of the positive traits of a Capricorn woman is that she is a team player. As long as she is part of the winning team, she is happy. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters. I am a Capricorn. I show love to my boyfriend and he cheats. Anytime I try to leave or forget him, the love grows more and I keep enduring.

Why am I like that? Many people point out the negative traits of Capricorn women; hardly anyone acknowledges their devotion and, ability to love hard. When a Cap, falls in love its deep. It's hard for a Capricorn woman to pull herself away from a man she has given her heart to, even if he's not good for her. Capricorns like to win. A lot of her enduring in bad relationships stems from her wanting to win eventually. Here's the problem with that, while you are giving your all, he's not. He has your whole heart while making sure you don't have his.

This could be a survivor tactic by him to guard his heart. He's taking advantage of your love so test his love for you by leaving. If he cares and pursues you, make him work on gaining your trust and don't just take him back every time he says he's sorry. Most men aren't sorry, and this is why it's repeated over and over because he's only sorry you found out.

Capricorn women are good, faithful women whatever you decide to do, just know you deserve so much better. In my opinion there were four that I found were a good match for me as a Capricorn woman. Virgo, Scorpio and another Capricorn. However, my best match was a Taurus. A Taurus loves nice things but most are careful with money.

They are hardworking, and loyal but where a Capricorn can be too serious and in some peoples opinion a bit on the boring side. Taurus's are outgoing and like to have fun. This is good for the Cap, who usually needs other people to help them lighten up. Here's the funny truth about Capricorn women: They will forgive people they love even though they hold grudges. I will advise you not to play with the heart of a Capricorn woman or take her love for granted. She loves very hard, however, there is a thin line between love and hate.

In all honesty yes. A Capricorn's usual way of getting the upper hand is to become angry every time things do not go their way. Anger, unless it is justifiable anger, is a tool used to manipulate people. This is a character trait used by lots of people not just Cap's.

It is a learned behavior, usually learned in childhood where a person has become used to everyone catering to them every time they become mad. The best way to handle this is to not cater to it. If a mature adult doesn't have the maturity to calmly express what is bothering them let them stay angry. I'm 59, and for three months I have been having good conversations with a year-old woman. When I told her I was going to Puerto Rico for two weeks, to see my grandkids and sons, all of sudden she tells me over the phone that I should find a younger woman when I get there, that she'll find someone else.

I was surprised. I texted her asking where did that come from? I overreacted and was hurt, and I said "F you," then she blocked me. I understand why she blocked me, but why did she start buggin' in the first place? Your friend may be feeling insecure and feels that you are not telling her the truth about going to see your family. Therefore, she's putting herself in a position to call it off before you do. Remember in my article where I said: "A Cap, who has been burned will have trust issues"? Well, obviously you have that type of Cap. Telling her "F you" was not very nice of you and, may have done more damage, but I understand you were hurt.

Caps sometimes need to cool off. Once you return, try calling her again and see if she's open to having a discussion with you about the issues you guys are having. If you left for Puerto Rico, and did not tell her you were going, she may have felt like you aren't serious and decided to move on. Manipulating people is a way of gaining control. It's a human character flaw used by anyone who has had this behavior work to their advantage.

I love someone at my school that's in my science class. She is a Capricorn girl born on January 4th. I don't know anything about her, but I often see her during school hours. She also keeps staring at me but, I don't want to date anyone before I know their story. Is she a good romantic match? As a Capricorn woman, I can almost assure you she is very romantic. Capricorn's as young women love the "white and shining armor" type of men. They fantasize about meeting their prince, who will come and sweep them off their feet.

She is staring at you because she likes you and is giving you an invitation to approach her. If you are interested to approach her and talk to her. I understand you want to take it slow and get to know her to make sure she is what she seems. My advice is to approach her in friendship first. Then, if you two have chemistry, it will evolve from there. Capricorn's and Pisces are both ambitious, hard working and love nice things. Pisces are artistic and a bit of a dreamer, whereas Capricorn's are more practical and more of a doer.

They can balance each other out nicely if they don't allow their ambitious nature to make them competitors against each other but unite them in away where they understand it is them against the world, together. I am an Aries man married to a Capricorn. I love her but she seems to reject me and does not value my effort. Will she ever change? I don't know if your wife will ever change. I believe that her problems are not about you but her. She may be so engrossed in her pain she may not recognize your efforts. I can only give you my experience and hope this helps you in some way.

When I had guys who tried hard to please me I was so caught up in my low self-esteem I didn't see it. I'm sure I appeared ungrateful. As I got older, I was able to explain myself. Capricorn women love nice things and appreciate men who provide them. However, their true self-worth comes from self-achievement. A Capricorn comes into the world feeling as if they are destined to achieve greatness, and if they fall short, they can fall into a depression.

My advice is to see if there is anything she is interested in trying to do and encourage her, support her, build her up with words and actions. I'm sure she loves you, and her problem is with herself and not you. Why do Capricorns get their feelings hurt easily and, why is it hard for them to forget once they've been hurt? Capricorn's are very sensitive and their feelings get hurt easily. It's hard for them to take criticism even if it's constructive. They see it as an attack. They love hard and expect loyalty because they're loyal, and any sign that you are not loyal is seen as disrespect and they are ready to dismiss you.

Because they never forget its hard to forgive. I am in love with a Capricon woman. I have given her all my support, treat her how she wants to be treated but she doen't show any interest in being in love with me or, even giving me any hope at all. She's asking me to give her more time and its been almost a year since I have known her. I'm wondering whether to hold on to her or to give up on her? I would give her the space she's asking for and move on this doesn't mean you should give up, just explore more options. It's possible she's having trust issues over a past relationship and decided to be cautious before taking a chance.

Capricorn women enjoy being pursued, understanding that some men enjoy the excitement of the chase but will change once she is caught. My advice is to explore other possibilities while keeping the door open if she decides she's ready. A year is a good amount of time for her to have studied you but if she still can't make a decision you may need to let her know her time is up.

In my experience of dating a Sagittarius, we got along better as friends. Sagittarius's are smart and out going whereas most Capricorns are more serious and loners. What I noticed in myself as a Capricorn woman is when I date my complete opposite its exciting for awhile because a Capricorn needs to lighten up and are attracted to people who enjoy life and are not that serious- mostly because they wish they could be that way.

However, the no-nonsense personality in a Cap eventually clashes with a Sagittarius and the things that were so endearing in the beginning starts to irritate them. Now, this is just my opinion, but a Capricorn man and Sagittarius woman may have a better chance considering that Sagittarius women are nurturing, loves a beautiful home and a bit more submissive than Capricorn women. I'm a Capricorn woman and have never been in a relationship prior to the one I'm in now. My "boyfriend" is also a Capricorn. I don't have any other relationships to compare this to so I'm stuck.

Do you have any Capricorn and Capricorn relationship advice? Or just relationship advice in general? If it is broke try talking to your partner about your concerns. Caps can be distracted and inattentive he may appear to be ignoring your needs but Cap's can be self-centered. What you have in common is you're both intellects if you talk to him in a calm voice he will hear you. If you've tried all that and he still isn't making more of an effort then maybe you should take a break and explore other options.

This is your first relationship, no one else to compare it to. Cap women love to be wined and dined and can be attracted to men who are wild, spontaneous and fun. Sometimes that comes with a price if you are sacrificing, loyalty, stability, and faithfulness over a whim. When I dated a Cap, and I'm in a relationship with one now, He is a hard worker and a bit insensitive in understanding how important quality time is to nurture our relationship. As a Cap woman, I understand his nature but as a woman its a bit hard to take. I decided to find something to do to keep me busy because, in the end, he is who he is.

I don't know your situation but the grass is hardly ever greener on the other side; and whatever you do don't cheat because if you realize you made a mistake the unforgiving Cap won't take you back. If he does the trust issues he will have will eventually drive you two back apart. Do Cancer men and Capricorn Women do well in a relationship together?

Are these astrological signs compatible enough? Everyone is compatible enough if they're willing to adjust some characteristics to suit the other's needs. For instance, the Cap woman who can be a bit chilly would have to adjust her behavior because Cancers can be sensitive Also, both signs have a tendency to be moody. What they have in common is they both want a nice quality of life and they both have a nurturing spirit. They may not be on the same page when it comes to drive and ambition but they're in perfect sync when it comes to the desires of a loving, well-kept, nurturing home.

To answer your question they can work. It may take work but yes, they're compatible enough.

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Capricorns are predictable and serious and are usually attracted to people who are carefree and spontaneous, for this is a quality they usually lack. Also, the razor sharp tongue that Capricorns are famous for and add to the fact that they can be grudge holders can eventually turn that passionate love into hate. The positive thing about two Capricorns being together is, they can achieve a lot financially. More than likely the two share the same goals and desire to be successful and what they may lack in spontaneity they make up for in stability.

Are two Capricorns a good match for each other? Are they the perfect match for each other? My opinion is no. That's a hard question to answer because both signs appeal to the complexity that is the Capricorn woman. For example The Capricorn man is like-minded with the Capricorn woman. They both are social climbers and have a desire to do well. They can provide each other with the comfort of understanding what it's like to possess these traits and achieve a lot together. A Scorpio however, brings out the Capricorn woman in a way a Capricorn can't. They have a strong sexual connection where a Capricorn woman will otherwise be reserved.

Scorpio's also love to have fun which will lighten up the serious Cap, that can be all work and very little play. Now the negative to the two is, a Scorpio can be possessive and unforgiving. They also play mind games which can eventually wear on the no-nonsense Capricorn. Likewise, The Capricorn tongue, which two Cap's have in common can be dangerous as they can and will use it to tear each other down.

Maturity plays a big role in the attitudes of these two signs. However, you usually make a pick between stability with a cap, or, sexual chemistry with a Scorpio. It's all in what you want. Sometimes I feel being a Capricorn woman, I give more importance to my self-respect and somewhere become deprived of the relations. I never received the warmth of any relation and now tired of this lifelong companion called loneliness.

Is this a fact with most of the Capricorns? This is a common trait in a Capricorn woman and one of the reasons why it can be hard for her to maintain love. It appears that Capricorns more than any other sign want to be self-made. Most do not look for handouts or the easy road but value hard work and self-achievement.

This instills a lot of pride in the Capricorn and, they enjoy being recognized for it. The Capricorn woman especially, can come off as cold and, a bit arrogant when in reality these are assets in the Cap that others perceive negatively. Am I suggesting you hide these traits? I am suggesting you look for men who value these traits and wants a team-player for his mate. Some Capricorn women settle when it comes to men because they do not look for men to validate them but are forever validating their self-worth and this can make them vulnerable and easy prey.

You will find the right man at the right time. Just remember to be careful with the tongue and, be less opinionated. It's important to allow a man to feel like a man, even if you are more financially successful then him. A Libra and Capricorn can be a good match. Not perfect but good if the two are committed to making it work. There are a lot of positive traits in a Libra that will soften the cold Capricorn.

Libras are easy to get along with and good with people. Capricorns are more aloof and loners. They both love nice things and the finer things in life, however, a Capricorn is more practical when it comes to money and though they want nice things, do not want to pay a lot for them.

Libras live for the moment understanding that tomorrow is not promised to you but a Cap is always thinking ahead and planning for the future. Can these two make it? I think so, especially if they are older when a Capricorn becomes more stable and lightens up with maturity. I'm a Cancer who is in love with a young Capricorn woman. She says she's in love with me, but it seems like she is rather cool and distant. She doesn't see it or think she is. Is there any way to bring out my Capricorn's emotional side? Warmth and sentiment are some things I consider important.

Are warmth and sentiment possible from a Capricorn? Is it possible for my Capricorn to connect on a deep emotional level? If so, how do you bring that out in her? Capricorns hide their sensitivity behind a cool demeanor. Many people love to chase the Cap, because they appear unapproachable, however, once they get them they change. Caps are always afraid that once they let their guard down the person will change.

My advice is to keep being kind and true, eventually, you will win her over. If you want to test her feelings try pulling back a little and see if that will get her attention. Sometimes a Cap can be too stubborn but we are not fools. If someone we care about stops showing love, we turn around real quick. Most introverts are shy, but that doesn't make you weird.

Just remember peoples opinion of you, are just that, their opinion. Be true to who you are and be yourself. There is someone who will love you just the way you are. Well, first let me remind you I am not a Leo. With that being said I have many Leo friends and, have dated Leos so, I will do my best to give you my opinion on their characteristics. Leo men can be very dominant. They feel they are the boss and rule. There can be a feeling of self- entitlement there; remember the symbol of the Leo is a lion and lions are the kings of the jungle. Leos believe they are always right and if proven wrong will never apologize.

Their opinion of themselves are very high, and they feel that others should regard them the same way. Leos are very creative and love lots of vibrant colors. They have an outgoing personality and love to be the life of the party. Leos are fun to be with. They love nice things and the finer things in life, but most are similar to Capricorns, meaning, they don't like to spend a lot of money.

Capricorn Zodiac Sign

Personally I couldn't connect with a Leo on a longterm basis because of certain personality traits of ours that clashed. For example:. Stubbornness, also present in a Capricorn. A Leo man will never put anyone on a pedestal higher than themselves. To sum it up Leos and Caps will have a lot of fun together, but the similar traits that drew them together can eventually drive them apart. I am a Leo. I met a Capricorn woman that I'm attracted to. We talk and joke together, and I was sure she felt the same as I do.

Now, she runs hot or cold with me. I asked her to dinner and she said, "we will talk. Now, she is cold again and avoids me. Should I wait for her, or take it as a no and move on? Move on. Capricorn women will run hot and cold. It doesn't mean she doesn't like you, she could be playing games. Tricks are for kids, and if she can't make up her mind, make up yours and find someone else.

My best friend is a Capricorn and I am a cancer. I know my friend cares for me dearly. Sometimes she will communicate a lot with calls and texts while other times ignoring me for days even after I've contacted her multiple times. We've known each other for 15 yrs, and sometimes I don't understand her. We've had our share of fights over this but, it's her way or no way and it's very hurtful. Are Capricorns stubborn like this by nature? Capricorns can be moody and stubborn but they don't mean to be insensitive. Cappies have a hard time expressing to people that sometimes they don't want to be bothered, especially, if they're going through something.

Also, most Capricorns tend to withdraw from situations the perceive as negative. Do you seek her advice often when it comes to your problems? Do you show interests in things she's passionate about? Capricorn's are used to everyone coming to them with their problems and, because of their reputation for being sharp with their words they'd rather just avoid you than tell you they don't want to be bothered. Capricorns and Virgos can be compatible. Virgo's can be a bit controlling and this can sometimes clash with the personality of the independent Cap.

The good part is a well established Virgo can be a good provider and this appeals to the Cap, who craves security. We've been talking a lot and she replies back quickly. She 's also here for me when I need her. What should I do? Be patient. She was honest about becoming involved too fast in her previous relationships and was hurt as a result. I believe she likes you and doesn't want to mess things up by rushing. This is a very good sign, if she wasn't interested, she wouldn't waste her time.

My advice is to let her know you like her and, respect her enough to give her the time she needs to feel comfortable at the prospect of dating you. Trust me this will work in your favor. She needs reassurance that you are different from the rest. It can work. However, as a Capricorn remember Cancer's tend to be emotional and moody these character traits can clash with the Cap. You both are family orientated, nurturing and care deeply for others. You can have a beautiful home and life together if you both care enough to make it work.

Follow your heart. If Cancer is what your attracted to then go for it. Capricorns change with age and growth. When I was young I enjoyed having a good time. So I was attracted to Scorpios, Virgos and Gemini's. As I became older I looked for men who were more stable and serious; and for me that was a Taurus, Capricorn, Scorpio. As a Capricorn woman I wasn't compatible with Aquarius men.

But if you are interested in a Cap, give it a try it might work for you. Any advice?

You can trust your Capricorn. The problem is Capricorn guard their heart closely. They are quick to run at any sign of trouble. Capricorn women are confident, but when it comes to love, they are insecure. Their trust issues are deep if they have been burned. Unfortunately, Capricorn women can be very hard but if you take your time and take it slow, start off as friends and let your relationship develop slowly. If you can get her to let down her guard, you will have a faithful and solid relationship.

Capricorn women are faithful and enduring, but sometimes they can be hard to get. I am a Pisces Man and recently my Capricorn Woman broke up with me. There was no dishonesty or cheating in the relationship. She did mention that I was unreliable and have issues with stability.

How can I get back with my Capricorn Woman? Be more reliable and become more stable. If you read my article I made it very clear that a Cappie woman needs to feel secure in the relationship and finances are a big part of that. If you really want her back, make an effort to get your life in order. I am a painfully shy Taurus and I've had a crush on a Capricorn woman since school.

Now I am fifty-six, and can't stop thinking of her but don't want to interfere with her life if she is happy alone. Also, having beginnings of ED trouble and read Capricorn woman have strong Libido. I don't want to be a disappointment. Should I tell her I have had a crush or just let her have maybe a better man? Cappies do have a strong sex drive, however, there are other ways to be intimate without sex. If she's mature she will take a whole lot more into consideration than sex in her decision to date you. Such as if you are a decent guy that will treat her right.

There is no such thing as "a better man" only the right man for her. So, give it a shot, tell her. What do you have to lose? Are Pisces compatible with Capricorn women? I am a Capricorn woman. My boyfriend is expressive in feelings. However, I am not good at it. I am also not completely sure about my feelings for him. The relationship is recent, and I am also looking for a relationship that has a secure future. I am doubting whether my current relationship will work or not due to my family not being supportive in it.

Should I continue? I think you should continue. You will know when it is time to give up. Take into consideration of why your family is not supportive but do not let that sway your decision to follow your heart. You said you are not sure about your feelings? So I suggest you be honest and let him know you want to take things slow. The day before I was suppose to fly out to meet her she tells me not to come because she could not commit to me.

How was she able to be so manipulative and not get caught by me or her husband for so long? Your Cap is probably unhappily married and this is why she carried on an emotional affair with you. Be happy that she at least came clean and you can be rid of her. She's her husband's problem, not yours. Also, there's always signs if you think hard you may realize you just chose to ignore them. Capricorn women are attracted to women who are: attractive, confident and comfortable in their own skin.

If she is considered more of the dominant in the relationship, she is attracted to women who are nurturing and organized. The important thing to remember is that a Capricorn needs peace and it doesn't matter what role she plays as long as you both have common goals. What is this? We both have shared our most intimate secrets, and we have complete trust. Maybe she has been burned a few times.

Capricorn women are skeptical; it takes time for them to let their guard down, unless their feelings are strong. She seems to value your friendship. Keep taking things slow, don't rush her or come on too strong, that will turn her off. Keep beings friends and let everything play out. I am a Capricorn, I fear abandonment but I always end up pushing people away. Why am I like this? In my case I always felt the relationship wouldn't last anyway.

So, at the first sign of trouble my instinct was to push them away before they left. This way I could fool myself into feeling like they didn't leave me I left them.

Venus enters Scorpio

The problem with that was I would be hurting and checking my phone every twenty minutes to see if they called. The fear from abandonment stems from someone who you loved and trusted and left. You have to heal that pain in order to learn to trust again, otherwise you will always push people away. My advice is to take your time with people who you let into your life.

Always remember that words can be deceiving and a person actions speak louder than their words. If you see a character trait that is a deal breaker for you, don't make excuses for it and don't ever fool yourself into thinking you can change anyone, believe what you see. Once you see a pattern of good traits in a person, you will know they're authentic and you will slowly learn to trust them.

I am a Cancer guy. I have a crush on a Capricorn girl and really wanna ask her out, but I don't know where I gotta take her for a date. I just wanna keep her happy and comfortable. We want to have a romantic time, so, what would be ideal? Cap's are easy to please. Ask her what's her favorite restaurant and take her there. Then out to a movie of her choice. Keep it simple and keep it real. The main thing is you guys are together. Are Gemini men compatible with capricorn ladies? A Capricorn woman loves a man who can make her laugh.

They are also drawn to guys who are intellectual. My advice would be to find out what her interests are, and strike up a conversation about it. Remember Capricorn women are intelligent and deep if you can hold her interest in a conversation then casually invite her to lunch or a movie. Capricorn women don't like men who are too pushy so be sincere when you approach her. Cancers are loving and the women are more of a homemaker and nurturing which will make her great for the Capricorn man. Capricorn men are breadwinners and enjoy coming home to order which is where a Cancer woman excels.

They can both be moody and unpredictable which is something that can break them if they are not careful. I personally have not found myself compatible, as far as a long-term relationship. Although, I have had really good, short-term relationships. Keep in mind that someone's sign can give you insight into their character but never use horoscopes as your ultimate source.

Get to know the person and take things slow. I'm a gay female who likes a Capricorn woman. We live some miles apart and use Viber to stay in touch. Lately, she's been so diligent does not respond to my stickers.

The Capricorn Man

Which I send her every day. She reads them but does not respond. When I am in a hotel where she works, she stares at me. Does she like me too? First, need to know if she is also gay. Considering you guys have distance between you and she's giving you mixed messages you may want to let this one go. As a Capricorn woman, I feel like my secrecy and emotional barrier requires too much efforts for anyone to try and go through them. My mother is the closest person to me, but even though I love her, I still feel like this feeling of loneliness in my mind is never going to go away, my question is: is it going to last forever?

That depends on you and if you are willing to allow people to cross that barrier. Its okay to trust people but you have to be cautious. Cap's have a problem of going in too deep or not deep enough and you need to find a middle ground you can be comfortable with. Your mother may be the closest person to you but she won't be here forever and you need a fulfilling life that's shared with someone you can be happy with.

Just a note of caution. When you start to date look past a person's words and judge more by their actions. Cap's can be fooled by sweet words and by the time we find out they're not as reliable as they appeared, we're usually in too deep. What happens when a Capricorn gets her heart broken, didn't know the guy was cheating on her, and taking advantage of her in the relationship?

Why would a Capricorn give him a second chance? I am a Gemini man in love with a Capricorn lady, are we compatible? I'm having a relationship with a Libra man and sometimes our thoughts clash. I really demand independence and self-respect, On the other hand, he thinks we are one and not individuals. I want someone who understands me and is in sync with me but our thoughts and characters clash.

Is a Libra compatible with a Capricorn woman? Do capricorn women like to keep many lovers at one time? I am a Scorpio, and I have a crush on a Capricorn girl. I am a shy person. We are just friends and we talk sometimes, will it be possible for me to date her? I don't know how she feels about me. Capricorns and Scorpio's are compatible. Your crush is probably shy as well. Somehow, you must build up the courage to make the first move. Don't believe for a moment that she is not aware that you have a crush on her because women, especially Capricorn women are intuitive.

My Scorpio started off as my best friend and then we dated for years. We are no longer dating, however, our relationship has outlasted all my other relationships and to this day he is my best friend.