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SAGITTARIUS ♐ "Beautiful Connection, If You're Willing to Put the Work In" September 1-15, 2019

Not for nothing, it's just a really good poppy red in general. So I may not be a Scorpio, but I would very much like to swipe this shade on and just wear the lips of a Scorpio for a night out. Fun, no? This limited-edition shade drops October 23 on Bitebeauty.

Zodiac Sign's Beauty | Zodiac Signs | Zodiac signs, Zodiac star signs, Zodiac

But you can pre-order on Bite's website starting October Go on, then. UPDATE: September 21, : Even though technically tomorrow is the first day of fall, the weather still can't seem to make up its mind. Fitting that the first day of fall also coincides with the first day of Libra season. The air sign, represented by the scale symbol, is the balance beam of the zodiac, the perpetual mediator, and sometimes the devil's advocate. Bite Beauty has chosen to lipstick-ize the Libra with its latest Astrology lipstick — a "balanced brown. Like I said, very this-or-that, just like a Libra.

While we're all trying to get the most of our remaining Summer Fridays, all the Virgos are patiently waiting in the wings to breeze into the fall. These earth signs are known to be the fastidious big sis-types they're basically the Margot Coveys of the zodiac, if you've watched To All The Boys I've Loved Before on Netflix this weekend — always on time if not early, always the one with the itinerary, and always the one to ask advice on where to find the best Perfectionists to a fault, don't bring your B game to a Virgo's house unless your ego can handle an itemized checklist of all the ways you could've leveled-up, which you'd be mad at if you didn't secretly agree with them.

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That said, if you're going to hire a personal assistant, make it a Virgo. If you're going to list anyone as an emergency contact, make it a Virgo. It should come to no one's surprise then that Bite Beauty's latest Astrology By Bite Amuse Bouche Lipstick for Virgo would be the most perfect berry-red shade for fall — the kind of rich jewel-toned red that looks good on everyone not too pink or violet-toned and not too warm either and goes with any beauty look.

The humble Virgo would just say, "Oh this old thing? And now you can too. So far, Bite Beauty's astrology lipsticks have been selling out pretty quickly, and if you want to impress a Virgo, I'd suggest you get on that pre-order list, STAT. I don't need to remind Virgos of that list because they're probably already on it.

What's Your Beauty Horoscope?

Here we are again, days before a cosmic turnover. The month of Cancer may unfortunately be ending as Mercury goes retrograde , but that won't slow down Leo season, which will be coming in with a golden bang in the form of Bite's newest astrology lipstick. Leos are fire signs and summer babies and most certainly live up to the element. Bring it. They thrive as the center of attention, but they're always down to show you just as much love and praise as you do for them so you'd best do so.

Not for nothing, no one takes a compliment like a Leo, that's for sure. They live life boldly and take no prisoners. This glittery gold lipstick for Leo makes complete sense when you take that into consideration.

Shop's Exclusive Zodiac PopSockets

It's the J. Lo of lipsticks who also happens to be a Leo, so I hope she gets her hands on one of these. These astrology lipsticks tend to sell out quickly and once they're gone, they are not coming back around, so don't miss out on this gilded creation. And what is more romantic than a nicely understated nude?

Bite Beauty's Astrology lipstick for Cancers is just that — the brand calls it a "safe-but-sexy nude," which if you ask me a Cancer , there ain't nothing safe about nude lipstick because you never know how it's going to look until you swipe it on. The perfect lip colour for that wild Sagittarius we all know and love.

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In a sexy, berry pink shade, this lipstick is ideal for dialling up a lip look to go from desk to disco instantly! Your Sagittarius friend will adore the signature rose-gold packaging and creamy, glossy formula that is sure to make a statement this festive season. Shop Now Glowing, Pretty Skin Kit For the Sagittarius that is always on the go, a complete complexion palette is ideal for glowing skin in a pinch.

Shop Now Magical Mini Brush Set This glimmering goddess clutch will light up your friends life, with essential mini makeup brushes making the perfect gift for travel lovers. Calculate ascendant sign in precise way here. What is the best and worst zodiac sign? What is the most romantic sign of the zodiac?

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